Sean Baines



Product and website developer, based in London.

I build applications and websites using a modern tech stack, specialising in React development. I have a passion for writing clean, modular code, and a desire to constantly improve and add to my skills.

Some things I use

A little bit about me

Passionately driven

I'm passionate about development. It's more than a job to me, it's also my hobby.

Sweat the details

I love spending time focusing on the details and interactions that make a product enjoyable to use.

Eye for design

I've always had an affinity for design and often spend time designing my own side projects.

Always learning

I'm never content with what I already know and am constantly looking for ways to improve.

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A few favourites


React is my framework of choice. Modular, hook-based, functional components are definitely my cup of tea.


I rarely build a project without TypeScript these days. Strict types and next generation JavaScript? Yes please.


I've recently been using GraphQL on both ends of the stack and have been very much enjoying building with it.

Some things I've built

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